The two sites of our new department, Language Science and Language Technology, reflect the merger of two previous departments at the university, Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting and Computational Linguistics and Phonetics.

Building A2 2

  • Head of Department’s office
  • Chairs: Professors Gil, Steiner, Teich, van Genabith
  • Library specializing in Applied Linguistics, Translating and Interpreting
  • Examinations office for BA "Language Science" and MA "Translation Science and Technology"
  • Departmental Erasmus coordination
  • Seminar rooms

Buildings C7 1 to C7 4

Building C7 1

  • Chairs: Professors Crocker, Klakow
  • Student society
  • Seminar room U15

Building C7 2

  • Chairs: Professors Demberg, Koller, Möbius
  • Examination office for BA "Computational Linguistics” and MA "Language Science and Technology" and MA "Language and Communication Technologies"
  • Seminar rooms -1.05, 5.08, 5.09


Gebäude C7 3

  • Seminar room 1.12


Gebäude C7 4

  • Conference room 1.17